Thin is the dividing line distinguishing a company whose mission is the fitful research of quality from other realities for which high numbers are what matters most: production speed, turnover, profits. Thin and perhaps imperceptible is this line until one comes across TLM, a company that has been designing and manufacturing orthopaedic corsetry for more than sixty years.

Two production lines for two types of perfectly distinguished products: finished products for warehouse the first one, and semi-finished products, the second one. Each division, from the drawing, to the cut, to the sawing, to the final control, has been organised to obtain the top quality. There is no assembly line; the same person manufactures the product from A to Z. The quality pattern starts with the choice of the raw materials carefully selected and purchased from suppliers the company has developed a long-lasting loyalty relationship with. And in fact, the choice of the elastic fabric, ribs or yarns is an essential link in the chain of the final quality value of the product. Thanks to the technology and to an advanced computerization, it is today possible drawing and designing in TLM is by using the CAD/CAM, drawing from a database of more than 30,000 models, out of which one thousand are currently at the production line. Besides this steely setting, going towards quality, another “ingredient” of TLM success is represented by a staff completely loyal to the company that has made of manual dexterity its main strength. The almost family ambience and atmosphere have always fostered growth, passion, and ability to overcome also the most critical moments with perseverance.

TLM srl Via per Uboldo - 21040 Gerenzano (Va) - Italy
Ph.: 02 96480094 - Fax: 02 96480165 - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Vat n° 00801890120

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